Baby boomers are the fastest growing demographic for mobile text messaging…

The fastest growing demographic for Mobile Text Messaging or simply (people who use text messaging to communicate) is 45-64. More evidence that baby boomers are rapidly adopting new technologies.  Backed up by a recent article in the New York Times, on the front page, briefly explained how baby boomers are taking time for them selves and spending money, even buying 2nd and 3rd homes and vacationing on a regular basis. Google Search New York Times and Baby Boomers for more information.

“Text messaging is no longer just a young person’s activity. The average age of a texter is 38 years old – up from 19 years old in 2003. The fastest growing demo is 45-64,” says Jeff Hasen, CMO at HipCricket.  “ Part of the reason is that kids and grandkids don’t often use phones for talking – if you want to communicate with little Billy or Janie, you need to let your fingers do the talking (texting). In 2008, for the first time, the number of text SMS/MMS messages sent in the U.S. exceeded the number of calls.”

Short Message Service (SMS) is the text communication service component of phone, web or mobile communication systems, using standardizedcommunications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices.

Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from mobile phones. It extends the core SMS (Short Message Service) capability that allowed exchange of text messages only up to 160 characters in length.

The most popular use is to send photographs from camera-equipped handsets, although it is also popular as a method of delivering news and entertainment content including videos, pictures, text pages and ringtones.

Women are active text users.  Here are the stats for women 45-54 (comScore, 12/08)

  • 51% sent a text in last month
  • 23% sent a text almost daily
  • 39% took a photo
  • 5.7% accessed weather info
  • 4.7% accessed news
  • 11.8% received info on their phone about a product, service or brand

Hope this information is helpful, Now when your respected elder tells you, i feel out of touch with new technology, you can reassure them that they may be in the prime demographic… So embrace change and pick up a new Smartphone today.  / The fastest growing Mobile Real Estate Listing Service in North America!


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