and FedEx team up with NFL Cardinals to review new technology

FedEx and the NFL host a fantastic event at the University of Phoenix Stadium and a recognized sponsor and supporter of both brands attend;

With the only retractable field and roof combo in the NFL, the AZ Cardianal’s stadium is something of a modern wonder! With total cost of completion in the ball park (no pun intended) of  450 million, a sure steal compared to the “Outdoor” NJ stadium at a staggering 1.6 bil and other modern stadiums being constructed today. The University of Phoenix stadium seats 70, 000 fans “at max capacity” and in 2010 booked approx 275 days out of 365 with events. They are currently working with Mexico host Soccer and even allow monster truck shows to prevail. was excited to tour the massive stadium, visiting one of the designers personal Loft sweets and enjoying great food and interesting businesses in attendance, a great time was had by all.

Special thanks to FedEx and the NFL for such a great experience. is a supporter of great customer experience and both FedEx and the NFL are prime examples of such quality.

Thanks for reading,

Special thanks to AZ Cardinals for signing autographs and giving a unique look into their personal experiences with the wonders of playing NFL Football.


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