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Just Announced: Gartner 2011 – “If CIOs are talking about it..,”- RealtyGo blog

If CIOs are talking about it, Gartner is talking about it. Join us for the 2011 CIO idea exchange you can’t afford to miss.

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The results of the 2011 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey are in—an inside look at what IT leaders consider crucial to success in 2011 and beyond. Be among the first to hear what CIOs need and want for themselves and their organizations in 2011 and beyond—from rethinking the CIO role to reimagining IT in a context of changing economic and societal trends. Mark P. McDonald, Group Vice President, Gartner Executive Programs, candidly reveals the issues that are top of mind for CIOs—each an important part of the CIO-driven content being developed by the Gartner analyst team for the CIO Leadership Forum, March 20 – 22 in Phoenix, AZ.  

Peer collaboration shapes every experience at the CIO Leadership Forum.
Don’t miss a rare opportunity to discuss, debate and dig deeper into what it means to redefine IT and elevate its contribution to competitive business advantage. Our session formats are designed for meaningful dialogue and interaction at the highest level—covering topics that CIOs themselves consider to be the most timely and relevant for today’s complex business environment. Here are just a few of the more than 25 peer exchange workshops that you and your fellow CIOs can be a part of this year:

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A premier event for CIOs only.
Participation in the Gartner CIO Leadership Forum is limited to CIOs, and only CIOs—a requirement that guarantees the highest level of information exchange and meaningful peer interaction. In order to attend, please verify your eligibility here to join us at Gartner CIO Leadership Forum in Phoenix this spring

When CIOs work together, great things happen.

Just Announced: Gartner 2011 CIO Agenda results – RealtyGo blog

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