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Coca-Cola and Apple team up….

We came across a new Coca-Cola machine, while visiting a Real Estate event in Scottsdale, AZ – recently. After doing a little research we are not surprised that Apple has designed the touch screen that navigates the new Coca-Cola machine.., Over a hundred flavors available in these new Coca-Cola machines..

New Freestyle Machine from Coca-Cola with Apple touch screen navigation

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QR Codes on the side of a Pepsi can?? Wow, now thats BIG…

QR Code and Pepsi Cans

Here is a great image we wanted to share with our readers, a QR Code on the side of a Pepsi can.

Looks good, feels good, however we could not get it to scan..? If anyone knows the details on why the code is so difficult to scan, please leave a review.

Our QR Codes at work very well and we are proud of the long hours of research, in order to deliver the most dynamic QR Codes in the Nation. QR Codes work with allĀ  PDA devices, iPhones, Androids, iPads, tablets, BlackBerry, Windows, and all PDA devices. Our system is designed to deliver Mobile Real Estate Listings which are Mobile Friendly, not just a website URL, like most QR Codes. Try the Demo below by scanning the QR code to see an example!

Rider Real Estate Sign for Mobile Listing TAG QR Code / Scan for Demo

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